Monday, December 19, 2011

Khloe Kardashian Gets Warm Reception at First Mavs Game

You know that stuff about how "family is the most important thing" and "blood's thicker than water" and "family comes first".  That was put to the test this weekend when US Weekly contacted me and asked if I would like to attend the first Dallas Mavericks game as a local correspondent for them and cover the game (which really means talk about Khloe Kardashian and what she was wearing and if she ate nachos).

I had to turn them down to attend a holiday dinner at my sister's house with the maternal side of my family (sigh). And then when I told them about my stupendous sacrifice, all anyone could say was, "Why didn't you go!?".  Yeah...  Another local blogger, Farah Fleurima stepped in to represent for the Dallas blogger community and apparently had a great time, even getting to go into the Mavs locker room to meet Odom and Mav's owner, Mark Cuban.  Stupid family.

But, enough about me... let's get to the good stuff: Khloe Kardashian.

Mark Cuban chats up Khloe  |  Khloe with Ali Dee

The E! reality star and her Tweety Bird yellow Hermes Birkin bag sat in a primo seat alongside her makeup artist, Rob Scheppy, as Lamar piled up fourteen points and seven rebounds during a 106-92 losing effort.  She was very accommodating to fans asking to get a photo with her and even ran into local reality TV stars, Drew Ginsburg from Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas and Ali Dee from CMT's Texas Women (who also happens to be the "First Lady of the  Dallas Mavericks)

Bubbling with excitement over catching her man in action with Dallas, Khloe sent out a pre-game tweet reading, "Yay!!! On my way to the first pre-season game with @robscheppy to see my Lam play for the @dallasmavs. Woooohoooo"

She was apparently bowled over by our Southern charm and Texas twangs because she ended the night by tweeting, "Wow Dallas you guys are so freaking nice to me! Thank me!!! What a warm welcome! :) thank you @dallasmavs and everyone I have met :)"

photos courtesy of and Ali Dee