Monday, December 5, 2011

New Dallas Reality Show in Production: G2G

Although they have been filming since July, the new Dallas-based reality show, G2G, just hit my radar. According to reality TV insider, Melissa Poe from Big Rich Texas,  this show will air on the Family Network & American Life Network sometime in January 2012.

According to the G2G website, "When they aren’t pursuing their careers in fashion, modeling, emergency services, teaching and law, the G2G are doing what every other 20 something American woman is doing: texting, chatting with their almost 20,000 friends on Facebook, making Youtube videos about their complicated lives, working on their relationships and looking for the hottest clubs, the trendiest restaurants, and coolest events around town. The G2G girls live, work and love in the great city of Dallas and we explore their journeys as they struggle with their careers and the drama of their personal relationships"

 Tracy  |  Whitney  |  Halie

Let's meet the cast:

TRACY works in high-level sales and marketing and balances her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur with the daily grind of achieving her monthly sales quota.

WHITNEY is the outgoing leader of the group, a social butterfly who juggles the demands of studying to be a corporate attorney with a busy home life, taking care of her husband and two young daughters.

HALIE is a working model and Emergency Medical Technician whom we follow as she saves lives and works to establish her presence as a top fashion model.

 Megan  |  Makenna 

MEGAN is a fashion designer with demanding clientele and a new clothing line, Rubys and Olives, her wise-cracking assistant, Jennifer, always bringing her down to earth and helping her to overcome the stressful demands of her industry.

MAKENNA is a young school teacher and aspiring writer whose kindness and inability to say no to her friends often proves to be her downfall.

Each episode will follow the day-today reality of the G2G girls lives their dreams, relationships, success, failures while offering insight into events, venues, clubs, great shopping, restaurants and services the women find themselves exploring while creating a positive expression of Dallas as a city and a great place to live and visit.

The audience will also play a major role in real decisions the women make in the show as they will have a chance to vote on key moments in the G2G journey at the end of each episode.  By phone, text message, Twitter, Facebook, or website poll, the audience will be requested to choose boyfriends, help with career choices, personal relationships and even choose the sixth G2G to join the group.  This audience participation will provide for an exciting social matrix allowing the viewer to bond with and become involved in the lives of these young women.  A unique social presence on Facebook and Twitter will help drive the audience participation with the following:

An integrated forum where viewers can review the women’s choices.
  • Live interviews with the G2G girls and the website audience.
  • Video outtakes of content that may not make the weekly episode or may be censored for cable viewers
  • Internet and text voting to determine episode direction
  • Facebook, Twitter and Youtube presence to build audience participation.
Follow G2G on twitter @g2gdallasfab5 and on Facebook.