Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shop Local/Shop Smart: Millions from One bracelet

Oh So Cynthia is about showcasing the city of Dallas and what makes it a fabulous place to live.  Although I love the luxe life, I'm a girl with champagne tastes on a soda-pop budget, so I am all about smart shopping.  Throughout the holiday season, I will be bringing you a series of posts that will combine both of these concepts called Shop Local/Shop Smart, bringing you great gift ideas for under $200 from local designers and retailers.

Today's feature is for the hipster in your life. These cool leather cuffs will look great with jeans and a Tee and isn't it just icing on the cake that proceeds are going to give clean drinking water to those in need. LOVE!

Millions from One bracelet

Matt Delzell of the M Streets needs to sell 1 billion bracelets.

That’s how many Yield Clothing Co. bracelets it will take to reach his goal of drilling 1 million water wells through the nonprofit he founded in 2009, Millions from One.  We take it for granted that water is unlimited and cheap.

“For a large part of the world, that’s a foreign concept,” Delzell says.  Millions from One has drilled 10 wells in developing countries, including India, Peru, Liberia, Uganda and Sierra Leone. The leather bracelets cost $10, and for every one sold, $5 goes toward drilling a well. It takes about 1,000 bracelets to drill one well.

Delzell is a group account coordinator for the Marketing Arm, and he negotiates celebrity endorsement deals for a living. So he has connections. Joel McHale of “The Soup” and “Community,” Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin and former NBA star Scottie Pippen have worn the bracelets.

“It’s easy and inexpensive to save people’s lives,” Delzell says. “When people realize they can spend $10 on this bracelet, and their money goes so far, it’s an easy sell.”

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source: Advocate Magazine