Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dallas Observer Challenges You to Play Phone Stacking

I loved this article on today's Dallas Observer's blog, City of Ate. I am totally down for this challenge. And this is one game where I know I could give my husband a total smack-down.

Phone Stacking: The New Dinner Game That, Let's Be Honest, We're All Too Weak to Play

GetKempt had a story this week about a new dinner challenge that's a test of will and stamina. Think quarters, but less eye-hand coordination.

It's called "phone stacking," and it requires everyone, at, say, a dinner party or happy hour, to relinquish their cellulars to the middle of the table and leave them there for the duration of the meal. Be it a game, mandate, stress-test or perhaps welcome relief, it seeks to quell the shit-storm of social media-induced rudeness we've collectively adopted, putting technology ahead of good company.

All rings, dings, beeps, quacks, and blinks are to go unanswered. Taunting you. Laughing at you. Frolicking in the joy of knowing who has done what, where, when and how, while you -- lonely, little you -- must sit amongst friends and focus on them only.

That catch in phone stacking is that the first person to pick up their phone has to buy dinner for everyone else.
How do you think you would do? I challenge you to play this next time you dine out with friends or even at the dinner table with your own family.

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