Monday, January 30, 2012

Drag Brunch at DISH Delights

I received an invite in my in-box a few days ago that I just couldn't resist.  Turns out DISH restaurant on Cedar Springs Road hosts a Drag Brunch the last Sunday of every month. I occurred to me that while I had seen drag queens perform on TV and in the movies, I had never actually been to a drag show.  So, I decided to check it off my bucket list and called up to reserve a table.  Turns out this is a good thing to do, because they sell out both seatings (11am and 1pm) every month.  These hot tamales are one hot ticket.

While waiting for my friends to arrive, I hung at the bar and scanned the restaurant to scope out the scene.  The crowd looked very run of the mill—a mix of gender and age, couples and singles—and everything appeared rather ordinary. That is until DJ Paul Parades got the music pumping and emcee, Jenni P, took to the floor sporting a long blond wig with curls (think Kim Zolciak on Real Housewives of Atlanta), theatrical makeup, biker boots and very short black shorts.

The regulars had their stacks of $1 bills prepared to tip the “ladies” in appreciation for their dazzling—and at times risqué—lip-sync numbers.  Dolly Parton once said, "It's a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I'd be a drag queen." She would have love Krystal Summers,  who was a dead-ringer for Parton and received rousing applause when she sashayed out to pay homage to the legend, performing to the classic hit "9 to 5".

Entertainers Jenna Skyy and Erica Andrews rounded out the floor show. (All 3 performers are part of Edna’s Angels, who are key/stable/highlighted performers of S4’s Rose Room.  And it take more than just makeup and a few dance moves to earn a spot in that group!)

I would be remiss to not talk about the food - which was amazing! I had the Short Rib Benedict and had to restrain myself from picking up the plate an licking it clean.  My friends both had the Classic Benedict and pronounced it tasty and delicious.  The only faux pas was that we had to ask for our fist course and it didn't arrive until they were bringing out our entrees - at which point it was sort of a lost cause. But the food was so good, I'm kind of glad I didn't waste room in my tummy on little muffins and pastries.  Click here to see the full menu.

I don't consider this a full-on drag show becasue the ladies were limited in their floor space to perform.  If you went to S4 for an all-out show, they would've been up on a stage dancing and all out performing. But this was a very fun way to spend a few hours and get introduced to the genre. I highly recommend it!