Friday, January 6, 2012

Holiday Wrap Up: Brooke Jeter

The holidays have ended and New Year has arrived, so I asked some of Dallas' most famous faces to reflect back and tell me what they most enjoyed about this holiday season and if they have set a New Year's Resolution for themselves.

Brooke Jeter

Star of CMT's Texas Women

"I had a busy December, my husband and I got to go to Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo. It was going to be a girls trip, but Jason couldn't stand it and had to join in on the fun! LOL! It was our first time back to the rodeo since he qualified in 2007. It was so nice to get to party and visit with our rodeo family. 

Vegas sure kicked our ass! Jason had to drive to Denver for work and I went with him so I could help him drive straight thru. NOT.   I went to spend time with my nephews that live in Breckenridge, CO. Short trip but super fun!

The holidays were good I got a MacBook from Jason - FINALLY! He thinks you can do everything from iPhone! I got him some awesome custom made leather items from ML Leddy's, the only problem is some crack head on West 7th thought they needed them more than him! Yes, my car window got busted out and they stole a bunch of stuff including my J. Rae's cookies for my nieces 1 year old birthday party! 

New Years is right around the corner and we are headed to Fairfield, TX to bring in the NY with our friends at their ranch. My New Years Resolution is to stay focused with my horses and barrel racing career and make the best out of every opportunity that comes my way! My goal for 2012 is to make the Texas Circuit Finals, so with hard work and a little bit of luck I should see you there:) Don't be afraid to put your dreams out there that way your friends can hold you to it and stand by you!"