Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holiday Wrap Up: LeeAnne Locken

The holidays have ended and a New Year has arrived, so I asked some of Dallas' most famous faces to reflect back and tell me what they most enjoyed about this holiday season and if they have set a New Year's Resolution for themselves.


LeeAnne Locken

Model and Actress

"My favorite part of this Christmas was having a DAY OFF!! Other than my morning Facebook post, a ritual for me, I did NOTHING! Well, except for cooking a turkey, green bean casserole and home made mashed potatoes! It felt really great to just be at home and chill!  

Chief, our new dog, had a BLAST helping eat, I mean open presents and generally walk all over everyone! He's a puppy so he was forgiven instantly. 

My most favorite gift was my new Nordictrak treadmill with 40% incline!! Hoping my goal of getting skinny in 2012 comes true! Ha! After all the turkey and fixin's, I'm gonna need to do a "little" more than just HOPE!

My wish for 2012 is to have a MORE POSITIVE year and HELP more people than 2011, finally finish the two books I have started writing and have continued success with my career.

Happy 2012 to EVERYONE!! Remember, spread "good will" and GOOD will come to you!!"