Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kardashians Tweet About A West Village DASH Location

Earlier this week my pal, Lisa Petty over at DFW Style Daily pondered the possibility of the Kardashians opening a DASH boutique in Uptown's West Village (a considerable jump from their inexpensive Sears line of fashion) saying, "... late last week, in true rumor mill fashion, a friend of a friend of a friend of a DFW Style Daily staffer made contact with some insider DASH info.

This unnamed source reported to be aiding the Kardashian family in scouting a storefront in Uptown’s West Village shopping center. The source went on to share that a deal may already be in the works.  Though hardly concrete, this information did finally give some heft to the DASH Dallas reports, after a fashion."

I had heard the same rumors but was waiting to get something a bit more concrete before posting about a location.  


Yesterday I noticed that the Kardashian Twitter account @KardashianNavy tweeted TWICE from Lisa's article (see screen shots below).

Could this mean that they are giving the information their seal of approval and acknowledgement of it's correctness?!  Hmmmm.