Friday, January 13, 2012

Simon Doonan says "Gay Men Don't Get Fat"

Doonan with LeeAnne Locken
The legendary Simon Doonan dropped by Barney's New York Thursday evening to celebrate his latest book, "Gay Men Don't Get Fat".  The diminutive Doonan is best known for his role as the Creative Director at Barneys for 25 years. After a shake-up at the luxury retailer, he's now creative ambassador-at-large.

Not only is Doonan super stylish (if you're into Paul Smith shirts and designer sneakers), he is a cheeky memoirist, provocative columnist and always hilarious chronicler of his very gay, very fun New York City life with husband Jonathan Adler, the potter and interior design expert, and their Norwich terrier Liberace. 

Turning out to catch a glimpse of this larger than life personality were John CluttsShe Reigns rainwear designer Cathy Williamson, actress/model LeeAnne Locken, DFW Style Daily Contributor and stylist Jim Duran, fashion designer Isabel Varela and event planner Rhonda Sargent Chambers.

Skinny French chicks and roly-poly straight men. Lesbian chic and the chaotic state of style. Nothing and nobody escapes the gaydar of the fabulously floral Simon Doonan in his new book, "Gay Men Don't Get Fat."  He recounts his giddy deep dive into Christmas ornaments stashed in a White House storeroom by former first ladies as he worked with Michelle Obama on her first-year holiday d├ęcor, only to be upstaged by "those idiot Salahis" of red sari, gate-crashing infamy.

Cynthia with Jonathan Adler
So, does Doonan miss his window dressing days? "I dressed windows for almost 40 years. When I finally put down the glue gun last year it was something of a relief," said Doonan,  "Ditto the staple gun. However, I would highly recommend a career in window display to any budding fashionista. It's been great for me."

Doonan says the intended audience for this book is straight women.  "I want to liberate the women of the world and teach them to live with the stylish bravado of we gays — and wee gays like me," chuckles Doonan.  "Being a woman has become so complicated and pressurized. I want to make it easier, or maybe just more creative. Fashion and style should be about personal expression."

After chatting and posing with guests at Barney's New York, Doonan and Adler headed off to join the second anniversary celebration of DISH located in the Cedar Springs gayborhood where he joined other celebs like Bravo TV's Drew Ginsburg.