Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meet DeAynni Hatley of Big Rich Texas

Big Rich Texas premiered tonight and in Round Two, the Style Network is introducing us to a new cast member.  Google DeAynni Hatley's name (pronounced Dee-anna) and a variety of things come up: Keller Williams Real Estate Agent for the Southlake area, President of Vixen Construction, Owner of Ambiance Accents, Owner of Ambiance Custom Homes, etc...

So, who is DiAynni Hatley and what's her story? Here's my interview with the newest cat to the fight.

Shaye, DeAynni and Amber

Q:  OSC readers need the scoop. Start by telling me what part of the Dallas area you actually reside in.
A:  We live in Colleyville and have for 19 years.  (My daughter) Shaye does attend Grapevine High and Amber attended Colleyville Heritage.  Shaye really wanted to attend GHS for the cheer team and the majority of her friends go to this high school.

Amber, Shaye and DeAynni
Q:  Tell me about your kiddos.
A:  Amber attends TCU and is majoring in Pre-Med. She turns 19 this month on the 26th and has an academic scholarship to TCU. I’m so proud of her!   

Shaye is 15 and she attends Grapevine High School.  She is a cheerleader on the JV team and the Competitive squad and also cheers for Champion Cheer on 2 competitive squads.  She is ready to start Drivers Ed. but has been too busy with cheer - thank goodness because her driving makes me nervous!!

Dan & DeAynni Hatley
Q:  It looks like you are affiliated with many companies, mostly in the custom home industry, but the Style Network has introduced you a Party Planner. Of course, they give other ladies "jobs" too. So, what's the story with your "career"?

A:  I did work for Lifetime Designs, but we just shut that portion of the home health company down. So, I’m back to working with my husband!  We have been home builders in Colleyville for 20 years and we love it!

I have owned 2 retail stores in Colleyville and a small trucking company, etc. My girlfriends and I plan a lot of parties together for charities, ill friends, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.   (Some of my friends also auditioned for the show) but they couldn’t work a deal. I’m the only one who was picked, so I’m the lone party planner!

Q: For Fans who want to interact with you, what social channels are you on?
A:  The social channels, I’m new to! Amber just made me a Twitter and Facebook and of course the Style Network! (She has a Personal Profile on Facebook but has yet to start a Fan Page, although I encouraged her to weeks ago to avoid weirdos and stalkers).

Q:  Are you involved with any charities? What do you support?
A:  I love GRACE and battered women shelters.  I always do Toys for Tots at my stores. I used to host and do fashion shows every year for those local charities.  I really miss owning my retail stores!

Q:  Anything else you'd like to share with my readers?
A:  I’m always laughing and smiling (as you will see)! I am a little loud and love people! I have a lot of social friends and we have a lot of fun.  My kids’ education is the most important thing to me so they don’t go through some of the trials we have experienced the last couple of years. I want to have strong girls who don’t have to rely on a man. I’m all about empowering women to be strong and kids!

A huge thank you to DeAynni for taking the time to answer all of my questions, letting me snatch personal photos from Facebook and letting us get to know her a little more. I look forward to watching the train wreck that is Big Rich Texas this season! How about you!?

If you missed the debut episode tonight, don't worry! They are replaying the episode all week. Click here for the schedule.  Tune in to Big Rich Texas on the Style Network ever Sunday at 8 PM/CST.