Friday, March 2, 2012

Dallas Dweller: Shane Walker

If you are like me, every month you flip through the pages of PaperCity, Modern Luxury, F!D Luxe, GrandLuxe and the like, scouring the social pages to see who was deemed worthy of photo recognition.  There's a handful of regulars who seem to do no wrong when it comes to picking the right outfit or arm candy for editorial selection. And then there are those photos that you see and think, "Who IS that person?" Whether they strike your fancy for their fabulous frock or outrageous hair or interesting style.  Dallas Dweller seeks to introduce you to the fabulous faces you've always wondered about but haven't had the occasion to meet in person. This week, let me introduce you to the "Mad Hatter" of Dallas:

Shane Walker

I first encountered Shane at last year's Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the Dallas Arboretum.  Walker owns Shane Walker Design, a floral design and event planning empire and has been involved with Mad Hatter's for years.  "Accolades, such as 'awesome' and 'dramatic', describe Shane Walker's big and bold arrangements. He has become a hit among those who entertain with panache, says Entertaining in Dallas.

Walker's passion is "creating art with flowers.  My look is very dramatic, unique and over the top.  I have a passion for hat designing as well, which I call "wearable art".  I've been designing floral art for nearly twenty years.  My artwork seems to get better with time, due to the fact that I always want to out-do myself." If you want to win one of the coveted titles at the Arboretum's Mad Hatter's Tea... you'd better call Walker, because you can't win without him!

Walker grew up in Madisonville, Tx. but spent summers in Dallas visiting his Aunt. He says as soon as he graduated high school, he headed for Big D.  Sorry boys, but he is taken and has kids (two adorable French Bulldogs).  I asked Shane to participate in a little Q&A with me about what it is he loves about Dallas. Here's our tete a tete:

Q:  Give me your 3 favorite places to shop in Dallas for clothes.
A:  Barneys New York, Ted Baker, and Louis Vuitton for accessories.

Q:  Name you 3 favorite places to dine on a regular basis. Not a fancy pants place you go once a year.
A:  Marquee Grill, Babush, and Ojeda's

Q: My whole social life revolves around food. I can't really be friends with anyone who doesn't love to eat.  What restaurant or bar has your favorite patio in Dallas? If I saw you there, what would you be eating or drinking?
A:  I love the patio at Mi Cocina in West Village. And I'd be drinking!

Q:  What Dallas charities do you support and why?
A:  The Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas. They give people hope and save lives. I also support DIFFA for all the good they provide for the community.

Q:  Tell me one funny, interesting or quirky thing about you that most people don't know.
A:  Dolly Parton and Cher have inspired me my whole life to be successful and to create beauty.  I listen to their music every single day.

Shane Walker Design, 2952 Commerce Street, Dallas Texas, 75226, 214.335.7255
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