Saturday, March 3, 2012

Meet Bridal Empresaria, Mayela Putegnat

Entrepreneur Mayela Putegnat knew as a young girl that she would be in the wedding business—she just wasn’t sure what exactly that business would be.  That was until her mother happened to pick up a Rosa Clará catalog which later caught Mayela’s eye.  As she thumbed through the pages, she quickly fell in love with the exquisite dresses from the European designer.

After several phone calls and a little research, Mayela realized she had the opportunity to open the very firsts Rosa Clará boutique in the US.  So she put her business plan together and her posh Dallas bridal boutique opened in January 2011 in the trendy Knox-Henderson shopping district.

Kristin Hull, Mayela Putegnat, Cynthia Smoot, LeeAnne Locken, Victoria Snee and Amy Havins
photo courtesy of {Blake Ryan} Wedding Photography

Putegnat held a trunk show last Thursday to showcase the current collection of bridal gowns and show off her super-sleek salon. I spied D Weddings Kristin Hull, NorthPark's new Director of PR Victoria Snee, Big Rich Texas star LeeAnne Locken, stylist Amy Havins, and Blingazon blogger Metsy Corter fingering gorgeous gowns and sampling mini cupcakes and sushi bites.

Originally from Brownsville, TX, Mayela attended high school in Dallas where she graduated from The Hockaday School and later earned an interior design degree from The Dallas Art Institute.

She combines her creativity with a keen understanding of the Dallas market to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for Dallas area brides-to-be.

Like her clients, Mayela just experienced her own wonderful wedding in November 2011.  When she’s not working, Mayela spends her free time working out, spending time with her newlywed husband John, and her Shih Tzu Pepper.

Visit Rosa Clará at 3205 Knox Street, Dallas, TX. 75205