Saturday, March 17, 2012

Real Housewives of Dallas: Dead or Alive? Who Knows!

Last Thursday night, news broke that the Real Housewives of Dallas was a reality we'd see on the air in 2013 and a cast list was leaked. I was doing a happy dance all around my house and couldn't wait to share the news with you!

Friday morning, BRAVO TV's Andy Cohen took to Twitter to deny this post saying a Dallas series was not happening. His exact word was "False".  Hours later I had PR peeps emailing me official statements from supposed cast members who denied involvement. It looked like this story was D.O.A.

But then... late last night I got a mysterious email from a reader who said her boyfriend was connected with Andy Cohen on Twitter and she sent me screen shots of several Direct Messages showing Andy saying that a Dallas show IS happening and.. well, you can read it for yourself below.

I have blurred out the name of the person Andy is tweeting with and his avatar to protect his identity. The person who sent me the screen shot had conveniently already blurred out the IP address on her computer. So, is this real or a hoax? I have no freakin' idea.

There are a couple of red flags to this: (a) I was blind copied on the email, which tells me she sent it to more than just me. What other media people did she send it to? I have no idea but no one appears to have published this info. yet. (b) I got a follow up email today and she has changed the name on her e-mail account.  Why the change?  Trying to cover her tracks?

So, this could be complete bullshit or it could be major scoop. This could be a Photoshopped document for all I know.  I have no way to verify if it's real.  I contacted Andy Cohen through his Facebook Fan Page but have not received a response. 

Time will tell, but as always, I am just keeping you in the loop!