Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brad Goreski Breezes Through Dallas to Promote "Born to be Brad"

Brad Goreski first hit the national scene as Rachel Zoe's madcap assistant in The Rachel Zoe Show. Flash forward a couple of years and he's spun off from Zoe, created his own styling company, landed his own show with Bravo called It's a Brad Brad World, launched a partnership with Kate Spade and published a book.  Brad's been busy.

photo courtesy of Thomas Garza Photography

He bounced through Dallas this week on a 7-city tour in partnership with Brooks Brothers to promote his new book called Born to be Brad, My Life and Style. So Far.  His new memoir (part self-help/part biography) recounts how a pudgy boy from a tiny Canadian town became a fashion guru working alongside stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Zoe. However, the road to fashion fame has had its ups and downs. Along the way, Goreski battled a drug addiction, interned at Vogue and found personal happiness with his partner of ten years, Gary Janetti.

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It's a Brad Brad World has not yet been renewed for a second season, but Brad didn't seem to concerned. "I hope it gets picked up again," he mused, "but if it doesn't, then we'll move to Plan B - which is Plan Brad."  Goreski said the show has been great for his personal life and that his partner Gary Janetti, loved the experience. "It really brought him - well, both of us - out of our privacy bubble and opened up a whole other world for him. It's been a great experience!"

Admittedly, Goreski is at the beginning phases of what will hopefully be a long career in fashion. I asked him why he chose to write a book at the beginning of his journey. What did he feel he had to say when he was so new to his path? "I feel like I've had so many people over the last few years ask me how I got started in fashion, what is was like to be a stylist, how I came out of the closet and about my sobriety. I just wanted to put it all onto the page and literally close that chapter of my life. I'm ready to move on and I think I've learned some valuable lessons along the way that I can share with people."

Brad told me this was his first trip to Dallas but he was instantly taken with our "big hair".  He said, "It seems like it's all about hair and make-up here. Flawless."  He attempted to have lunch at Neiman Marcus Downtown, but the restaurant was closed for a private event so he ended up at Dallas Chop House (he had chicken).

Fellow Bravo TV star, Courtney Kerr of Most Eligible Dallas had texted me earlier in the day to gloat that she was taking Brad out to Smoke for dinner. When I asked to join them she was all like, "Back off, bitch. He's my man!" And then I was like, "Oh, no you did'unt!" and we had a big cat fight via text. Just kidding. But she did tell me I couldn't come. She wanted him all to herself. Well, herself and two other gay men. (sigh) I understood.  She'll need a favor from me one day and then you just wait. I will say, "Remember when..." :)

Courtney Kerr and Brad Goreski at Smoke
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Born to be Brad, My Life and Style. So Far. is available on Amazon or wherever book are sold!