Friday, April 6, 2012

Meet Texas Women's Newest Star, Cicily Cross

CMT’s Texas Women are back for a second season of more fun, more drama and more Texas. Ali, Anna, Brooke and Hannah return for eight episodes of TEXAS WOMEN premiering Saturday, April 7 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT on CMT.

These Texas women may look like your classic beauties but they’re tough as nails and have a lot on their plates, juggling careers, family and friends. As fans saw last season, these ladies are larger than life - from roping cattle and breeding bucking bulls to barrel racing and recording their next single - their love for all things Texas binds this group together. 

This season of TEXAS WOMEN picks up where the last one left off and fans will find out if Brooke and Hannah can mend fences and whether or not the four friends can become close again. Boisterous newcomers also factor into the group dynamics.

•   Brooke is no typical “housewife.” While balancing her professional life as a barrel racer with her love to party, she and husband Jason get pressure to settle down and consider having a baby.
•    Ali is the honky tonk beauty who is contemplating marriage, while still pursuing her non-stop music career.
•   Hannah starts to date a new stud while determining what’s best for her modeling career.
•   Anna is overcoming family issues and career choices while dealing with increasing pressures of being a female in a male-dominated profession.

Adding a bit more spice to this season is a new face, Cicily Cross. I caught up with her for a chat to get to know the newest Cowgirl on the ranch.

Cicily Cross
Q:  You are not featured on the CMT Texas Women website as a cast member. Will you be a secondary "friend of" cast member that we just see in a couple of episodes? What's the scoop on your status?

A:  No, I am in the entire season.   

Note: this doesn't exactly answer my question. In my opinion, if the network doesn't list you on the website as a cast member and show you in the promo photos - you are not a "cast member", you are just making "appearances".

Cicily & Hannah
Q:  How did you get connected to the show? It looks like you are buddies with Hannah. Did she pull you in?

A:  I was actually asked to be on Season 1 but was unavailable at the time due to Nurse Practitioner school & Championship Bull Riding events when they came to shoot Season One.  Hannah & I do hangout a lot together this season but you will have to watch & see why.  :)  I actually know all the girls through rodeo.  Brooke I have known for about 10-11 years, Ali about 7 years & Hannah & Brooke over the past few years.

Q:  On your Facebook Page it says your interests are: Championship Bull Riding, Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and being a Family Nurse Practitioner. Can you elaborate?

Cicily and Ali
 A:  I am the director of Rider Adminstration & have been with the Championship Bull Riding (CBR) since Day 1. All of my bio info on the CBR is at
I have been a PRCA secretary/timer for several years but due to the busy schedule of the CBR I don't have much time to do both so I have a few rodeos I do a year.

I have been an RN for a long time then went back & got my FNP degree from Texas A&M.  I was was working in a family practice clinic in East Texas until a month ago & had to quit for the time being due to the show & CBR travels but I plan on returning to Nacogdoches to work there pending on the shows progress.

I have a very busy life and I am a very hard worker.  I have worked 3 jobs on/off for many years but loved every minute of it.  It's pretty much like 2 different worlds.  I have my rodeo life & then my medical life.  I was born & raised on a ranch & from a rodeo family so that is pretty much who I am.  There will never be a point in my life where I am not involved with rodeo in some form or fashion.  I can dress up with lots of bling or be in the lot working cattle. I will always try to help my friends out as long as they are true to me.

Cicily & Brooke
Q:  What do you feel you will add to this new Season of Texas Women?

A:  Well I am known as the little "social butterfly".  I love people, love to talk & have fun - so fans will have to stay tuned to see all of the excitement that Season 2 of Texas Women brings this season.  I do get tired of the Brooke/Hannah drama & to be honest it could have been over after the first episode, but that's Hollywood, they like to keep a story rolling.

Q:  Do you have a business or charity you support that you hope this show will give visibility to?

A:  Well the CBR is in the show & hopefully we will gain fans & visversa.  Ali is now the CBR TV host that will start airing on Fox Sports Network in May that has over 85,000 million viewers so hopefully both the CBR & Texas Women will win & gain new fans.  I am glad Ali joined the CBR Team & she is doing a great job!

Connect with Cicily on her Facebook Fan Page and follow her on Twitter.
Texas Women, Season Two will debut this Saturday, April 7 on CMT at 8PM/CST

photos courtesy of Cicily's Facebook Fan Page