Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dallas named sixth Worst Dressed City by Travel & Leisure Magazine

A recent survey by Travel + Leisure found that Dallas is the sixth worst-dressed city in America.  Twenty cities, including two different Portlands, made the reader-nominated list. Anchorage, Alaska is the worst-dressed city, according to the survey.
Ann Richards
T&L reports, "#6 DALLAS: Bigger seems to always be better in the Dallas/Fort Worth area; just take one look at the infamously over-the-top JumboTron at the Cowboys Stadium. And when it comes to getting dressed, big hair, conspicuous designer labels, and slick snakeskin boots are the norm. “Less is more” is not a phrase heard round these parts."
Damn skippy!
We may not be the most fashion-forward city in America, but we are a far cry from all being extras in a 1980s country music video.  The editors of the magazine are based in New York, so it’s easy to understand why they may not appreciate our wardrobes. Temperatures here reach almost 120 degrees in the summer; and for most of the winter, it’s still hot enough to bake cookies on the sidewalk.
They can put us wherever they want to on the list, but until there is a mass outbreak of pairing socks with flip-flops in downtown Dallas, we have nothing to worry about.
Gina Ginsburg
PS: I think it's hilarious that when I went to Google for an image for this post and typed in"Texas big hair cowboy" a photo of my friend, Gina Ginsburg popped up on the first page.  Gina is one of the most stylish women I know and I'll put her up as my Texas representative for fashion any day
You go, girl!

NOT surprisingly, a couple of photos for Big Rich Texas were also on the first page.
source: NBC DFW