Friday, May 25, 2012

GCB Author Kim Gatlin Gets Bitchy

Kim Gatlin, author of Good Christian Bitches, held a swanky soiree at Winston's Supperclub last night where she signed copies of her book and posed for photos with rapt fans.  In case you've been living under a rock, let me remind you that Darren Star of Sex In The City fame optioned the book in 2010 and turned it into a show for ABC called GCB which aired earlier this year.

All fans could chatter about last night was the recent demise of the ABC show and lament its passing after only one season. Did you know that there is an online petition to save the show and it currently has over 60,000 virtual signatures!? So who knows... maybe ABC will change its mind! Fingers crossed.  Word has it that another network is so impressed with these numbers that they are currently casting for a reality-based rip-off of the show.  What network, you might be wondering??  One that a lot of Housewives watch... Uh huh.

Bri Crum, Kim Gatlin and Alison Volk

Gatlin told me her next book is called Good Christian Bastards, and will be a male version of her first book.  No word as to when we can expect to read it because she's currently shopping around for a publisher. She's already at work on her third tome called Little Bitches which will be a prequel to GCB and take us back to the beginning, when the ladies were in high school. Ironically, GCB star, Kristen Chenoweth was performing at the Winspear Opera House last night, so Kim hightailed it out of Winston's to catch her performance and posted on Facebook today, "If you have to walk 1,000 miles to see her show, it will be worth it. She is an ENTERTAINER in every sense of the word and was amazing!! She has a hilarious bit about how disappointed she is with ABC's decision to cancel GCB!!! She's such an amazing talent and an amazing person! Go see her if she's anywhere close to you!!! You'll be glad you did!!"

Alexandra and Cathy Williamson, Kim Gatlin and Cynthia Smoot

A little bit about Kim: Kim was born and raised in the Park Cities area of Dallas, Texas where she still lives with her two children Austin (21) and Lauren (15). After her divorce from country music legend Rudy Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers in 2006, Kim’s divorce counselor advised her to write “Good Christian Bitches” as an outlet for the traumatized divorcee. The journals were used as the basis for the story in which was eventually turned into a book in October of 2008. As her greatest heartbreaks were caused by a very few women in the neighborhood who were always championing themselves as “good Christian women,” Kim jokingly referred to them one day as "Good Christian Bitches" and a new label was born in addition to a book title.

Photos courtesy of Shana Anderson.  Thanks to Katydid Collections for providing me with this fabulous maxi dress! I will be wearing it all Summer!