Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make Mothers Day Magic With The Perfect Gift

I find Mothers Day immensely satisfying.  It's an entire day that my husband and son have to lavish me with attention, compliments and praise for the awesome person I am and the amazing job that I am doing as a Mom. (sigh) Who wouldn't love that?!  It's heaven.

Show your Mother how much she means to you with some of these amazing finds from local vendors and retailers:

It's a Mother's nature to put their family before themselves, so while I can justify spending $200 on a new lacrosse stick or a new pair of sneakers for my son because he "needs it", I would never in a million years buy a $20 bar of soap or a massage for myself.  I think most Moms are the same way, so spa-type gifts are always fantastic and hugely appreciated. 

I am in love with a line called BEAU TYE created right here in Dallas:

photos courtesy of Sylvia Elzafon Photography

Among my favorites from this line is the Honey Almond Oat Bar ($6). The colloidal oats provide a mild, gentle exfoliant and the smell of Honey, Milk, Almond and Oats is just heavenly.  As we move into the hot, humid, mugginess of Dallas Summer, I adore the Beau Legged Body Powder ($12). It has a uni-sex scent loved by women and men. Slather on the Beau-Nita Clay Facial Mask (BONITA -the spanish word for beautiful) ($16) to make your skin feel clean, fresh and 10 years younger.  What woman doesn't want soft, kissable lips, so a standard favorite is the always popular SUPA-MINT lip balm.

Shop online at  WWW.MYBEAUTYE.COM or find them at these local retailers:
The Wicker Basket-4715 W. Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX
The Silver Star Mercantile - 1102 W. Main St., Carrollton, TX
IndieGenius - 409 N. Zang Blvd. Dallas, TX

What Mom doesn't deserve to be pampered with some spa treatments!? 

V Spa Dallas is a premier spa on the second floor of the Verandah Club at the Hilton Anatole. It has been recently nominated in D Magazine's Best of Dallas and noted in SELF Magazine as top 7 decadent spa services in the country.


Thank You from Head-to-Toe 
  • Express Massage (25 min) 
  • Express Facial (25 min) 
  • Express Manicure (25 min) 
  • Express Pedicure (25 min) 
$165 includes gratuity

  • Mom to Be Massage (50 min) 
  • V-Spa Pedicure (50 min) 
$160 includes gratuity
*Available for guests after their first trimester

The V Spa Dallas is a premier spa located on the second floor of the Verandah Club at the Hilton Anatole. A sublime setting for a true spa experience, the V Spa offers a multitude of treatments ready to revitalize and pamper, heal and refresh. Offering a variety of soothing services and treatments, from facials to massages to pedicures, the V Spa is the preferred choice for a spa in Dallas. Spa services are available Sunday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 9AM to 8PM.  Reservations are available by calling 214.761.7800 or visiting

photo from Huffington Post

If you want to give a gift that gives back, check out Sak Saum clutches by Abi Ferrin.  They are made by women in Cambodia and Nepal. The women are paid fair wages so that they can support themselves. ($75)

And finally, what woman doesn't love jewelry!? You can't go wrong with a beautiful bauble and I love designs from local jewelry designer, Amanda Sterrett.  Her incredible creations will make a statement without breaking the bank. Here are a few of my favorites from her current collection:

Kylie birthstone earring is delicate yet makes a statement
Ester earring ($195) comes in 14K gold or sterling silver ($160)
Julia birthstone charm ($55) comes in all kinds of stones choices, chain sold separately 
Arden Earring is Peruvian opal wrapped in 14K gold wire ($225)

Of course, the absolute BEST gift you will give a Mom is one that costs nothing.  Any Mom will tell you that her favorite Mother's Day gift of all time - EVER - wasn't diamonds or cars or roses. Nope, it's the handmade cards from your kids or a love poem from your husband.  This is the gift that will have her boo-hoo'ing and hugging you all day long and mean more than anything money could buy.  So, take 5 minutes to have your kids draw her a picture and scribble I Love You Mommy. It's the gift she'll remember for a lifetime. And that's a money-back guarantee!

Whatever you choose, I hope that you do SOMETHING to make it a beautiful day for the woman in your life who has done so much for you! Happy Mothers Day to all my Moms out there!!


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