Thursday, May 17, 2012

Timothy Oulton Makes Classic Furniture Cool

London antiques dealer and furniture reproductionist Timothy Oulton is driven by a passion for traditional handcraftsmanship.  Having inherited a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for classic, timeless design from his Father, Tim found himself captivated by, above all, the exquisite quality of the antiques that came from meticulous, time-honoured handcraftsmanship.  Oulton is bringing his unique sense of style across the pond and will open a Dallas store next month.

A tribute to Tim’s antiques background, each piece is handcrafted using time-honoured techniques , while Tim’s extraordinary attention to detail means that every bolt, every stitch, and every detail counts. No two products are ever alike and each piece is imbued with its own distinct personality. “It’s the raw finish that makes it contemporary and relevant. It’s furniture that you interact with, that you look at and smile,” says Tim.

Reinterpreting timeless, classic designs with a modern perspective, heritage and longevity form the core of the brand’s values. “We’re the Rolling Stones of the furniture world,” explains Tim, “It’s about taking something from the past and making it relevant.”

Inspired by the past with a view towards the future, Timothy Oulton is a collection of distinct individuality. “We have a point of view,” says Tim, “There is a character, a soul to what we do. There is an authenticity to the product because of the materials we use, the design we have, the link to heritage and antiques. It is completely unique.”

Timothy Oulton will be located at 4500 North Central Expressway in Dallas.  For more info, visit or connect with them on Facebook.