Thursday, June 28, 2012

Become a muse for Ashard Richley and view her Pre-Fall Collection 2012

I met designer Ashley Burghardt earlier this year at the Gossip Bar when I was attending an event for the Fresh Faces of Fashion. She was there with PR pro, Alison Volk and as we chatted over cocktails, I couldn't help but notice the cute clutches she and Ali were both carrying (their evil plan to get media attention totally worked). Ashley showed me how the clutch (called The Riley) had two separate pockets and was created to hold an iPad in one pocket and all your lady-stuff in the other. Being a girly-girl who hates big, bulky briefcase bags and a marketer who works in social media and needs to have online access at all times - I was SOLD! I now own The Riley in white and cobalt and get comments and compliments on them every time I carry the clutch.

When I found out that Burghardt had also recently appeared on the new Lifetime show, 24 Hour Catwalk (and won!) I knew she was someone I had to get to know better. I profiled her earlier this year in a Dallas Dweller feature and always enjoy running into her at events and parties.

Imagine my SHOCK when she told me that she had named a piece in her upcoming Ashard Richley Pre-Fall Collection after me. WOW! I don't think I've ever been more flattered. All pieces are for sale on her website and there are only 50 pieces per item available so ORDER NOW!!

The Cynthia:  The sophisticated neckline and neutral color give a classy appearance while maintaining visual interest with the subtle pop of color and exaggerated flow of the sleeves.  This product is made from the finest cotton lace and designed, cut and sewn in Dallas making this product 100% American made. Available in cream for $250.

When I asked why she named this particular piece of the Collection after me Burghardt said, "You scream class with flair to me. That's why I named the super chic cotton lace poncho dress after you. The dress has a classic feel with the lace and fit yet it's bold and beautiful…Just like you !"

The Amy:  Named for vivacious morning talk-show host, Amy Vanderoef, this high-low dress creates a trendy, chic look without loosing the undeniable comfort of a jersey cotton ensemble. Ideal for a variety of occasions. This product is cotton jersey and comes in cream or plum for $185.

Burghardt says of this design, "Amy Vanderoef  is always wearing fun dresses on Good Morning Texas and has such a playful personality. That's why I named the Amy dress after her. It's fun and flirty and can be worn for so many things."

The Lisa: Named for my good friend Lisa Petty, editor of DFW Style Daily, this trouser features a classic 50's high-waisted cut with a 70's style wide leg- fashion for the bold. The combination of vibrant color and sleek silhouette will leave you anything but unnoticed. This product is 100% silk and comes in celedon or cobalt for $280. If you'd prefer, take one home in a cream lace for $250.

"Lisa Petty is tall, slender, and such a chic dresser. I love a wide leg on a tall woman, so the Lisa pant in the vintage cotton lace and silk was a no-brainer," claims Berghadrt.

The Priya:  Cut outs are all the rage and this blouse is inspired by the adorable and always chic, Priya Rathod, Contributor for DFW Style Daily. The high-low Priya top takes this trend to a new level of sophistication. This product is 100% silk with 100% cotton lace.  Available in a floral print, coral or cream for $140.

 "Priya Rathod has a vibrant personality and always wears great color," says Burghardt, "When she was interviewing me, we kept talking about how much we love flowy high/low tops. That's when I knew I had to name the Priya top after her. It's colorful and flowy!"

There are several new handbags in the new line that are sure to be seen about town this Fall. Who doesn't love a great clutch and these are affordable, trendy and come in a variety of color combinations:
Busta ($200)
Futo ($175)
I know. You're thinking, "How completely awesome would it be to have a designer name a piece after ME!?" Well, get ready kid. Dreams can come true.  Ashard Richley is holding a "Leave Your Stitch" contest and the winner will tour of the Ashard Richley studio, get a VIP night on the town with the designer herself and name a piece in an upcoming collection after you.  Good luck!