Friday, July 20, 2012

Dallas Reality TV Blogger Gets Press Herself

Write enough about famous people, and you start to become "famous" yourself just for knowing them. Look at Perez Hilton. Today, my love of reality TV landed me in NeighborsGo, the community paper for the Dallas Morning News. I guess I can knock another minute off my 15 minutes of fame. Awesome.

They decided to theme this week's issue, calling it the "Stars Next Door" and sought to interview all the famous reality TV folks that live among us. A reporter first reached out to me for a quote on a story she was working on about Bravo TV's Courtney Kerr from Most Eligible Dallas.  It must have been a slow news week, because a couple of days later another reporter reached out to do a story on me and my love of reality TV.

I guess if you can't get to the actual stars... I'm the next best thing. 
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