Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Kaboom Town 2012

Happy Independence Day! If you are still looking for something fun and patriotic to do today, check out my list of fun activities happening all over the Dallas area. From parade to picnics to fireworks, there are amazing fun-filled family opportunities everywhere!

Last night, I attended Kaboom Town in Addison, one of the country's largest fireworks shows. I was lucky enough to attend as an invited guest of the Town of Addison so I had parking spot and a table for the evening. This was a huge perk because every year they get a crowd of around 500,000 people! All of Addison Circle is turned into a mini-State Fair with fried foods, exotic drinks, kids activities and live music. And then there are the fireworks! They simulcast their show with music from Jack FM 100.3 and it is awesome!

The one flaw is getting out of there. They really need to work on their exit plan because it took us almost an hour to get from Addison Circle to the Tollway. This would normally take 3 minutes.  They had Keller Springs and Westgrove blocked. WHY!? This drastically slowed down traffic and although I am sure they there is a reason, it made no sense to us as we were stuck in that nightmarish traffic jam.  It really almost ruined the evening it was so unpleasant.  if you go next year, my advice is plan to stay after the fireworks and enjoy the live music concert. Or have a hotel room and don't try to leave the area.  Fortunately, the kids had their iPhones and they just played games on their mobile devices.

Whatever you are doing today, I hope you will take a moment to pause and reflect on what this day is really about. Look around and give silent thanks to whomever you worship for giving you a life of freedom and opportuntiy in one of the greatest Country's in the world. July 4th is always one of my favorite holidays and  I am thankful for the many personal freedoms I enjoy!!

Have a safe and happy holiday!