Monday, July 9, 2012

JR Ewing loves veggies because of Nancy Addison

The Healthy Vegetarian and Recipe Book is a new cookbook that landed on my desk from a local gal gone vegetarian.  The tome includes over 115 simple gourmet recipes (46 are easy, scrumptious, raw food recipes), from how to choose the best sea salt to the truth about “Folk Recipes” that kept our great grandparents living long lives.

“I have put my heart and soul into this book,” says Addison.  “I’ve included all of my best information on health, food, shopping, water, healing and recipes that I’ve collected over the last 27 years.  It is easy to understand and a great resource for anyone who is looking to live a healthier lifestyle.”  

Nancy Addison grew up in Dallas with four siblings and an assortment of pets that included dogs, cats, chickens ducks and rabbits.  Her parents taught them the joys of growing your own vegetables and Addison spent many a hour weeding the family garden and helping her Mother create dishes and drinks made from the bounty their little garden provided. It was her lifelong struggle with anemia, a caffeine "addiction" and a bout with carpal tunnel syndrome that turned her to the world of vegetarian eating looking for solutions to her health issues. That was in 1987 and she never looked back. 

Larry Hagman with Addison on the set of DALLAS

Larry Hagman, the actor best known for his ruthless character J.R. Ewing, was recently filming the television series DALLAS when he asked Addison to be his personal chef, and as a result, his nutrition counselor.  Hagman’s health was in decline due to his battle with cancer and diabetes and the strain of daily filming.  During the five months of shooting, Nancy became more than just a nutrition counselor and chef, but also a friend.

“After eating Nancy’s food for only five days, my blood sugar and my blood pressure were at the most optimum levels, on a consistent basis, for the first time in 16 years,” Hagman said.  “Nancy knows what she’s talking about.  When I first started eating vegetarian food, I was hungry all the time.  Then I met Nancy and started eating her delicious food.  Within the first week, I could feel the effect of healthy food and healthy living and I am embracing the vegetable world.  I have more energy than I ever had and I feel great.  She opened my eyes to a different world.” 

The press release I received with the book claims, "Addison’s book isn’t just for people who want to be healthy vegetarians.  Much of the book has important health information and recipes for anyone who wants to regenerate their health, reverse aging, lose weight, and look younger.  Addison’s book is for anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Even someone who shies away from anything green can benefit from reading this book. Addison’s stories make her book entertaining while providing beneficial health information.  Each delicious recipe provides guidance for optimal health."

Hmmm. We'll see about that. I have a serious addiction to meat, but I look forward to trying out some of these recipes.

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