Monday, July 9, 2012

Nuts About Jewelry? Then You'll Love Jewelry Nut Auctions

Co-founders, Meredith Miner & Victoria Wise
(photo by Jill Johnson)
I am going to break my policy about only covering Dallas-based people-places-events because I have found a company so spectacular it is worth bending the rules to bring you this story. 

Let's journey over to Fort Worth for a visit...

The concept for Jewelry Nut Auctions was dreamed up by two busy Moms with a passion for jewelry over a play-date.  Co-founders Meredith Miner and Victoria Wise offer "of the moment" jewelry from top designers or inspired by them at pocketbook friendly prices.

They feature a limited number of selected pieces ready for purchase to the fastest bidder through their Facebook Fan Page.  They've racked up over 19,000 Fans since September 2011 - clearly these ladies understand how to reach busy Fashionistas through social media!! 

So, here's how it works:

1) Find them on Facebook and LIKE their Fan Page.
2) Click the REGISTER tab and fill out your info.
3) Visit them on Facebook every Monday and Thursday evening at 8PM
4) They will post photos of jewelry and accessories, giving you the price and how many of that item are available.
5) If you want to buy it, you COMMENT on the post and say "Sold!" And leave your PayPal email address.
6) They will post a list of all winners at the end of the night and invoice you through PayPal
7) shipping is FREE!

Every auction features different items, so no auction is ever the same! Here is a sampling of items offered in tonight's auction:

Sand Dollar Tote ($19) Turquoise and gold necklace ($58)

White Enamel Necklace ($19) Green Watch ($23)

Most items are under $50. So, grab a glass of wine, pull up to your computer and start refreshing the page to buy, buy, BUY!!!

Happy shopping!