Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cedars Food Park was a Lip Smackin' Knee Slappin' Good Time

This past Saturday I took my family and moseyed on over to Old City Park for the debut of the Cedars Food Park. I was going to write about my experience but SideDish already did a bang up job on recapping the event, so I'm going to be lazy and just copy and paste:

They mused, "Eighteen of the city’s most popular food trucks gathered in the clearing in Dallas’ first city park to feed hundreds of hungry patrons, most of whom were already avid food truck diners. Folk band The Sicklies played tunes best enjoyed from one of the many rocking chairs on front porches of 19th century homes.  When you go hungry to a park with essentially eighteen different restaurants all serving a full menu, there are no easy decisions about what to have for dinner. Menus ranged from Cajun, to Vietnamese, cheesesteaks to sushi, and back to tacos." You can read more about the individual food truck selections on their site.

Now, back to original programming...

If you've never been to Old City Park, it is a recreation of a pioneer town with a saloon, one-room school house, jail and log cabins. It is built around a town square (more of a circle) that is comprised of a large grassy area and a big gazebo.  The food trucks were lined up on the street surrounding the town square and Deep Ellum Brewing Company served beer out of the gazebo. There was plenty of seating, but lots of people brought their own blankets and chairs.  The band fit the vibe of the festival and if it had just been about 10 degrees cooler it would have been a perfect evening. My husband and I camped out on the grass and listened to the band while the boys ran a muck.

The crowd was a mixture of young and old, married and single, lots of kids but not too many to ruin it for those who don't have kids... It is the kind of event that everyone can enjoy. You can spend under $10 and get a taco and a beer or indulge and graze from truck to truck until you feel ill and have to lay on the grass to avoid implosion (that would be me).

The Cedars Food Park at Dallas Heritage Village will be open every Thursday from 5:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.  Beginning Friday, August 31, the park will begin Friday evening service. Friday service will also be from 5pm-10pm and will continue each Friday evening thereafter.  Food prices range from $2 – $10 with a portion of the proceeds going to Dallas Heritage Village. Always free admission and pets encouraged.”

SideDish swears, "If you haven’t jumped aboard the food truck band wagon just yet, it’s only going to take one visit to the Cedars Food Park before you’re hooked." I couldn't have said it better myself.