Saturday, August 25, 2012

Get a new Perspective with Ashley Berges every Sunday night on KLIF

Are you searching for a talk show that empowers, entertains, stimulates, and uncovers the real perspectives? If you are searching for intelligent grit, surrounded with life-changing tools that are clearly explained and quickly assembled in your daily life, then you can’t afford to miss Perspectives every Sunday evening at 8PM CST on KLIF/570 AM.

Perspectives with Ashley Berges is the quintessential talk show for the intelligent, social-minded, and successful listener who knows what they want and where to find it. Every Sunday on Perspectives, Ashley Berges mingles cutting edge knowledge, humor, intelligent banter, and successful life enhancing tools that when implemented, change the lives of listeners in ways only imagined until now.

Berges marries grit with glam and remarkably streamlines the issues that are affecting us with the tips and tools needed to overcome roadblocks and to quickly take back your life, your power, and your life motivation. She incorporates her truth driven philosophy, mingled with one of a kind interviews, includes daily life-changing techniques, providing true and real answers to life questions, and undoubtedly propelling her listeners to more successful and fulfilling lives.

Another reason to check out Perspectives on KLIF?  Starting tomorrow night, I will be joining Ashley every week to help listeners "Get Out & About" by bringing you the scoop on the best events, sales, exhibits and shows for the upcoming week.  

Listeners can hear Perspectives with Ashley Berges (and me!) live every Sunday from 8-9PM CST on KLIF 570 AM locally and worldwide on

About Ashley Berges
Ashley Berges is a certified NLP Master Life Coach and Author of: The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life and Vive tu Vida Verdadera.  Go to to read new blogs on achieving that life you have always dreamed of having, you can catch up on past radio shows, you can check out Ashley’s latest books and writing, and you can view her recent media interviews on the web site. For information on life coaching, go to