Saturday, August 18, 2012

Piermarini Boutique Opens in Snider Plaza

Owner, John Piermarini

Piermarini Boutique has decided to trade the quaint Uptown cottage they've occupied for the past 2 years and make the move to Snider Plaza in tony Park Cities.  (The lure of SMU girls with little budgetary constraint and the ladies of Highland Park is an irresistible draw)  I'm always happy to get a new neighbor, so I swung by Friday afternoon to check out  the new digs and welcome John to Park Cities.  I met John earlier this year when I profiled him for my Dallas Dweller series.  He's a great guy with an infectious smile and incredible style.

Piermarini Boutique features international, local and new designers that are off the beaten path to mainstream fashion avenues, with each store item being hand-picked by John himself. Maintaining an heir of exclusivity, Piermarini Boutique showcases jewelry and apparel designs under $500, only orders one item in each size and has a strict no re-order policy.

The new space doesn't quite have the charm of their old cottage in Uptown, but John has tried to give the space as much personality as he could by ripping up the flooring to leave exposed concrete floors and tearing out the sheet rock to highlight the original red brick walls of the building.  The trade off is that the new store has lots of natural light and is much more open, allowing shoppers to more easily browse the goods (men's on the left, women's on the right).

John prides himself on finding lines that no other store in Dallas carries so browsing the racks is always a treat.  The real secret? Ask him to show you what's in the back room. They have racks of clothing back there waiting for their turn on the main floor. It's your best chance to snag a coveted piece in your size sometimes weeks before it goes out for public view.  You can thank me later...

Piermarini Boutique is located at 6827 Snider Plaza, Dallas, Texas 75205
For more information, please visit