Sunday, September 9, 2012

Celebrity Waiter Luncheon 2012: Seeing is Believing

2012 Celebrity Waiter Participants

Holly Davis and Renee Rouleau
photo: Renee Rouleau
This year's Celebrity Waiter Luncheon benefiting Family Gateway lived up to the hype.  Oh yes. It did.  Steve Kemble brought his high-energy to the stage as emcee for the day. His job was more like herding cats!  

Benny Black gave some society lady a lap dance, Hunter Sullivan made the gals swoon with his crooning, Teresa Frosini did a Shkira-inspired belly dance,  the ladies of Big Rich Texas danced on stage, Courtney Kerr was slapping stick-on mustache's on everyone for a donation and I could go an and on...

Kudos to Co-chairs, Maggie Kipp and Shay Geyer for helping to produce an amazing event. I can't wait to hear what the finals totals are on the money that was raised. Let me just show you what this event was like. You'll understand why I was in bed at 9:30 that evening. I was exhausted!

Video evidence:


Co-Chair Maggie Kipp, Carmaleta Whiteley, Honorary Chair Faye Briggs and Co-Chair Shay Geyer

Jewelry Designer, Shona Gilbert and Green Peridot Salon Owner, Daniel Lewis