Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ladies Who Luxe for KidneyTexas 2012

LeeAnne Locken, Cathy Vieth, Phyllis Comu, Kelly Stafford and D'Andra Simmons

Jan Strimple
On September 17, KidneyTexas held a "Ladies Who Luxe" luncheon and fashion show at the recently renovated Dallas Country Club.  Luncheon Chairmen, Emilynn Wilson and her committee played hostess to several hundred guests there to support KidneyTexas in their fundraising efforts raising funds for this year's beneficiaries, Camp Reynal and Children's Medical Center.

Turns out the only problem with choosing CBS 11 anchor Karen Borta as the emcee for this event, was that she couldn't stay for the entire show, having to scurry back to her news desk for the afternoon news! The always elegant Jan Strimple stepped out from behind the catwalk to take over the live-auction duties and she did a skillful job of sweet-talking money right out of the pocketbooks of these ladies!

Among those taking in the fashions and the auction items were Leigh Bailey, Nancy Gopez, Dee and D'Andra Simmons, Kelly Stafford, Carmaleta Whitely, Barbara Daske, Faye Briggs and Doris and Teffy Jacobs.  

The only moment that gave me pause, was when we sat down for lunch. The first course was the DCC's famous vichyssoise soup, which was delicious. But the main course had everyone perplexed. It was chilled marinated beef tenderloin tips, roast beets, and green beans over arugula with blue cheese crumbles and a balsamic vinaigrette.  Beets and green beans? In a salad???? While it looked pretty, every single person was picking at it, shuffling the beets to the side and asking for the bread basket. I went through McDonald's on my way home.

Overall, despite the snafu of the menu, it was a fantastic, well-executed event raising much needed funds for victims of kidney disease in our community. To learn more about KidneyTexas, visit http://www.kidneytexas.org/