Sunday, October 21, 2012

The ladies of Big Rich Texas head to Los Angeles to tape a reunion show for Season 3

Cindy Davis, Connie Dieb, DeAynni Hatley, Shay Hatley, Melissa Poe, Maddie Poe and Alex Davis
at LAX Airport (photo: Melissa Poe/DeAynni Hatley via Facebook)

The gals of BRT (minus Wendy Walker) flew to La-La land this weekend to film the reunion show and talk about the drama that was Season 3 of Big Rich Texas and I can't wait to see what comes out since they are NEVER all in one room together. We are only 2 episodes into the season and already the blogs and social channels are buzzing over the "slap heard 'round the world" from last week, courtesy of DeAynni Hatley. (Personally, I think Style loved the attention the slap got last season and "encouraged" DeAynni to keep the drama going... but I could be wrong. Just a guess)

The kids of BRT

I followed the cast's journey to Hollyweird via Twitter and learned that Kayln missed her flight but used the opportunity to get her nails done while waiting for the next plane.  Bonnie, Jason, Whitney, Brandon a.k.a. Booger and Zakk (Bon's son) killed time waiting for their flight and made a video while they waited at the airport. Check out Boogers "Strange Addiction".   Maddie saw Eva Longoria at LAX. Jason got mistaken for Bam Margara. And then they finally GOT to Los Angeles.  Once in Hell-A, the Poe and Blossman clan headed to BOA for dinner.  Upon indulging in an $800 dinner, our crew was swarmed by TMZ and paparazzi as they left the restaurant.

DeAynni Hatley and Connie Dieb get ready to film the reunion show
Cindy Davis shows off her make-up on set

The next day had our gals on the set bright and early to film the reunion show. Once they hit the set, the tweets stopped and apparently MUM'S the word... We will have to wait to see what kind of drama comes out of this little get-together.  All I know is if Style can wrangle all these type-A personalities into one room, it should make for an interesting show.  In the meantime, tune into Big Rich Texas every Sunday night at 8PM.