Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh So Tasty: Stampede 66

Stephan Pyles with Cynthia Smoot

Inspired by his upbringing in Big Spring, Texas, and learning to cook at his parents’ truck stop restaurant, Chef Stephan Pyles has created what he refers to as “Modern Texas” cuisine – familiar Texas dishes re-interpreted with a contemporary twist.

A culmination of elements that signify a singular, “True Texas” dining experience in the city, where Uptown and Downtown Dallas connect. Local foods, wines and beers will be showcased at his new concept in an atmosphere of gracious Southern hospitality and Texas lore interpreted in a fashion that unites the past with the present.

“In many ways,” said Chef Pyles, “I feel like I am ‘coming home’ because Texas food and culture are deep in my heart and soul. It was important that I pay homage to my parents’ café in Big Spring, The Phillips 66 Truck Stop Café, by naming my new restaurant Stampede 66. I practically grew up in that café and I have taken inspiration from the memories there to create a concept that is a more modern, refined version of those experiences. I want ‘The Stampede’ to be a high-energy, multi-sensual encounter.”

Custom Cowboy belts adorn the bathroom doors, paying homage to some of Texas' most notable citizens

Among Stampede 66’s signature Modern Texas culinary creations are Smoked Chicken and Sweet Potato Dumplings; Pork Barbacoa with Clay Pot Black Beans; a classic “Bowl of Red” and a wide variety of home-inspired desserts including Pyles’ Mother Eulene’s Buttermilk Pie, served at Stampede 66 with Nitro-Shattered Texas Grapefruit. Expect a modern touch of technique and technologies such as Sous Vide Honey Fried Chicken and “Smoking” Margaritas. A separate Margarita & Taco Bar will be a focal part of the dining room where traditional and innovative tacos using tortillas made from fresh nixtamal will be available. Barbecued Beef Brisket Tacos will be available alongside “Faux” Gras-Crispy Sweetbread Tacos.

A pig sculpture made from pork rinds

The dining room, conjuring earth and sky, will reflect warm tones and exude Southern hospitality and comfort. Wood paneling and floors will be complimented by dramatic, architectural lighting that has long been a trademark of Chef Pyles’ restaurants. The overall space is accented by reclaimed materials; Austin stone columns; and accessorized with steel, leather and cowhide, upholstered furnishings. High-tech touches include projection screens for movies and a triptych of plasma screens overlaid with window panes showcasing images of outdoor ranch scenes. A plasma screen will also broadcast the chefs’ action in the kitchen. Gobo images in the form of famous Texas quotes and Pyles’ favorite sayings will be projected on a focal wall in the dining room alternatively with images from some of Texas’ best photographers.

Stampede 66 is located at 1717 McKinney Ave at Akard St., Suite #100, Dallas, Texas 75202,