Monday, November 26, 2012

Shop Local/Shop Smart: Weekly Recipes from Master Chef's Audrey McGinnis

Audrey McGinnis
Oh So Cynthia is about showcasing the city of Dallas and what makes it a fabulous place to live, work and raise a family.  I love the luxe life, but the reality is that I'm a girl with champagne tastes on a soda-pop budget, so I am all about smart shopping.  Throughout the holiday season, I will be bringing you a series of posts that will combine both of these concepts called Shop Local/Shop Smart - bringing you great gift ideas for under $250 from local designers and retailers. 

I have said for years, that when I win the lottery the first thing I am spending my money on is a private chef. When you work full-time, having to decide what to make for dinner, have the ingredients on hand and then come home and cook a dish is a humongous pain in the patootie.

With four kids of her own, Master Chef (Season 3 participant) Audrey McGinnis knows how crazy dinner planning and preparation be. What I'd really love is for McGinnis to come to my house and actually cook the meals, but the next best thing is to at least have her expert help in planning what's going on the table!

Every week, Audrey will create 5 comprehensive and balanced meals that you can easily put together in less than an hour. You will receive a weekly e-mail with detailed instructions and a shopping list organized by grocery aisle/department that will enable you to be in and out of the store in no time. Each weekly menu will include a carry-over protein, so you will have a "quick-fix" option on those crazy "activity" night.

You will get all of this for.... wait for it... $7 a month. SEVEN DOLLARS A MONTH!!! I think I just heard angels singing. 

McGinnis will also include a bonus recipe for a treat to create for the weekend or any night you might have a hankering for something sweet! Delicious doesn't need to be complicated and time consuming.

To subscribe and see example menus, recipes and shopping list, go to: