Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bryan Adams photography on display at Goss-Michael December 18 - February 13

Bryan Adams and Cynthia Smoot
The Goss-Michael Foundation is debuting a photo exhibition by Bryan Adams that will debut on Tuesday, December 18 and run through Friday, February 8, 2013.

Yes, I am talking about that Bryan Adams.

The Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter shot to the top of the Pop charts in the 1980s with hits like "Cuts Like a Knife" and "Summer of 69".  Adams fell in love with the medium of photography early on in his career - developing an interest in the creative process and because he wanted to control what went on his album covers. “I like the process of creating something from nothing,” Adams says of his twin loves, music and photography.

For the past 12 years, Bryan Adams has sharpened his skills as a professional photographer by capturing intimate images of friends and colleagues in the entertainment, fashion and art industries. In October, Adams released a comprehensive retrospective of his photographic work in a book titled, “Exposed.”

Adams cruised through Big D yesterday for a VIP reception to showcase some of his most famous works.  46 select images from the book will be on public display at The Goss-Michael Foundation during this exhibition and portraits in the exhibition include a cross-section of international celebrities and emerging stars such as Danny Trejo, Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse, Mickey Rourke, Lana Del Rey, Natalia Vodianova, Pink, Mick Jagger, Sean Penn, Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Ben Kingsley and South African rave rapper Yo-Landi Visser.

The Goss-Michael Foundation is located at 1405 Turtle Creek Boulevard Dallas, TX 75207 (214) 696-0555.