Monday, December 10, 2012

CMT's Texas Women is Canceled

Well, there you have it.  Texas Women on CMT will not be renewed for a third season.

CMT launched Texas Women in July 2011 - a reality show was about a quartet of friends work in the rodeo and country music scene by day and party by night in the Lone Star State. There was Brooke Jeter - competitive barrel racer, Hannah Helvey - trust fund baby, hell-raiser and aspiring model, Anna Hunt - a stock contractor and Ali Dee - an aspiring singer. “They’re kick ass. They can fight like cats on a Saturday night, then wake-up Sunday, apologize, and go to church together,” said Jayson Dinsmore, CMT’s executive VP of development.  Season Two introduced spitfire and peacemaker, Cicely Cross, but apparently this didn't help ratings.

The show's Co-Creator and Co-Executive Producer, Susan Ferguson, told me exclusively earlier today that CMT had told everyone they would know about a Season 3 one way or the other no later than December 8. It is now December 10th and there have been no communications from the network, so... they are assuming the worst. Hartman lamented, "Although CMT has not made a formal announcement of Texas Women not being renewed for a Season 3, it appears as though we are not, unless we hear otherwise soon. I am very proud to have taken part part of a special show, with an amazing cast, on a fabulous network. We truly have paved the way for other Texas & Country based programming in the reality space, and hope to continue to see it do well. We're sad to go, but have bright futures and projects ahead! Stay tuned!"

I got to know all of these ladies, on-screen and off, over the last year a half and I'm really gonna miss those cowlgirls. Happy trails to you, until we meet again.