Tuesday, December 4, 2012

From Runway to Driveway: A Fashion Talk with Ford's Anthony Prozzi

Cynthia Smoot with Ford's Anthony Prozzi
I had a grand time last week with Ford Motor Company when we partnered to host a fun and fashionable event surrounding the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion.  The event was called, From Runway to Driveway, and the conversation of the evening was how design influences almost every aspect of our lives - even the cars we drive!

As guests arrived at Ocean Prime, they walked past the newly redesigned 2013 Ford Fusion. Once inside guests nibbled, mingled and sipped libations. Jarrod Fresquez, DFW Style Daily's Lisa Petty and Heather Letteri, Linda Cooper, Susan Friedman, John Conte and OSC Contributors Jayne Chobot and Brittany Husted were among those who turned out to be a part of this fashion chat.

Ford Motor Company’s Senior Interior Designer Anthony Prozzi led an interactive discussion to discuss the design process and how regardless of industry or final product, designs draw from similar inspiration. He also let us peek inside his head to see how the role fashion played a part in designing a vehicle, specifically the all-new 2013 Ford Fusion.  Representing Dallas design in this discussion was Khanh Nguyen of Nha Khanh, Isabel Varela of IZAVEL and Trudy Cresswell, Marketing Director for Saks Fifth Avenue at the Dallas Galleria.

(top) Cynthia Smoot, Trudy Creswell, Khanh Nguyen and Isabel Varela
(botom left ) Terrie Jenevein and Tracy Stern (bottom right) Melissa Rountree and Cindy Pierce

I warned Prozzi at the beginning of the night that we like to take photos at Dallas events. Lots and lots of photos. He surprised me by being a red carpet pro and gave great face for every click (as seen above). He even whipped out his cell phone and showed me his prized possession - a photo of he and legendary Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour at this year's Fashion's Night Out in NYC. So jealous.

In case you missed it, check out Lisa Petty's fabulous Q&A with Anthony Prozzi that published yesterday on DFW Style Daily.  It's an interesting topic, the thought that fashion influences all forms of industry and the science behind what makes us buy. I thoroughly enjoyed the stimulating conversation, delicious cocktails and appreciate everyone who turned out to join me!  To learn more about the very fashionable new Ford Fusion, click here.

event photography by Bob Manzano