Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ken Downing of Neiman Marcus Reveals Trends for Spring 2013

Ken Downing
Anyone who follows fashion, hangs on every word from Ken Downing. He is the Senior Vice President and Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus. According to Neiman's CEO Karen Katz, Downing is also the brand ambassador and face of NM to the world. Yet he is most annoyingly not on any social channel.

Ken, we really HAVE to do something about this...

I attended a The YES! Event benefiting The Legacy at Preston Hollow: Dallas Home for the Jewish Aged today as a guest of NM. Katz and Downing were the featured guests and led a discussion called 'The Art of Fashion: A View from the Front Row and Beyond'.  I was thrilled to hear Downing reveal an advance look at THE LIST for Spring 2013.

For those of you who aren't familiar with THE LIST, let me 'splain. Downing attends over 400 fashion shows every season. From London to Paris, Hong Kong to NYC. He then percolates everything he's seen and compiles THE LIST.  This Trend List is then given to his buyers to use as their road map when purchasing for the store.  It is also released to consumers so that you know what has the NM stamp of approval. If Ken Downing says Orange is the new neutral - trust me - we will all be wearing orange that season.

For Spring 2013, Downing says that the following things will occur:

  1. Gladiator Footwear - he says this trend stems from the success of 50 Shades of Gray and is a nod to bondage. Okaaaaaaaay then... You will see strappy Gladiator influences in flats, sandals, stilettos and boots
  2. Cool Blues - teals, aquas, sapphire. Cool tones of blues will reign supreme on the runway 
  3. Print Mania - solid colors are out and prints of all kinds are in
  4. Relaxed Chic - today's woman is active and on the go. Her clothing should reflect this lifestyle in a chic and modern way
  5. Warm Weather Leather - You still can't wear white after Labor Day, but now Downing says you CAN wear leather in the Spring! From tanks to shorts, leather is in
  6. Amazing Lace - We've seen lace staring to make a comeback, but now you will see it in glorious colors 
  7. High Voltage Handbags - If you can't bring yourself to wear a crazy print, here's where you can get your POP of color
  8. Suites of Jewelry - matching earrings, necklace and bracelet sets are coming out of grandma's jewelry box and back onto store shelves. 
To shop or learn more about Neiman Marcus visit them online at www.NeimanMarcus.com