Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Big Rich Texas Reunion Show Airs Tonight

You've watched all season as Cindy made a man-grab for every male within reach, Bonnie realized LesLIEs true character and a friendship ended, Kalyn and Whitney continued to trash each other at every opportunity, Melissa launched a swimwear line, DeAynni became a Texas Diva and Whitney fell in love with a tattoo artist named "Booger".  Well, grab a glass of wine and tune in tonight at 7:00 PM/Central to see the claws come out on the Season 3 Big Bitch Rich Texas Reunion Special hosted by Vivica Fox.  (Part 2 will air Wednesday, January 16)

Want even more hilarity? Hop over to Reality Nation on Thursday and check out Merritt Patterson's recap of the show. I can say with certainty that she will have a hilarious take on what goes down...

Couch placement is everything. It's been said that you can tell which Real Housewives won't be asked to return for the following season by their placement on the Bravo couch. If Style follows the same philosophy, then it's clear that Bon Blossman and Cindy Davis were the stars of this season.  But we already knew that!  Have no fear, because one thing I already know for sure is that all of the cast will be returning for Season 4.

Click here to see this preview video on YouTube