Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Highlights from the Big Rich Texas Reunion Show, Part One

Whitney Whatley at the Bravo studio for "Watch What Happens Live" in 2012  (photo Bon Blossman)

Part One of the Big Rich Texas Reunion Special hosted by Vivica Fox aired tonight on the Style Network.  Vivica brought up the fact that Bon & Whitney will whip out a costume for any event: self-defense class (ninja costume), dog birthday party (cat costume), BBQ at the Country Club (cowboys and indians)... it doesn't take much to get these two playing make-believe.  My favorite line of the night came from Bon Blossman (who stole it from her daughter, Whitney Whatley) when she said, "I love glitter, it's the herpes of the art world." Classic reality TV moment. Just sayin'.

My other favorite line of the night was when Cindy Davis was confronted about what is perceived as "excessive drinking" by some of the cast. When Vivica asked what kind of message that was sending to her teenage daughter Alex, Cindy replied, "My daughter knows not to drink. Hopefully, she'll do as I say and not as I do.". Uh, yeah. Because we all know that that's how life works... Haven't you watched any Lifetime movies!?

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the night:

Me either... To find out, check out Merritt's recap at Reality Nation.  And for more mayhem and mania, tune in next Wednesday, January 16 for Part Two of the BRT Reunion. To learn more about this show and it's stars, click here to read previous posts about my encounters with the cast!