Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Private Social to lose Top Chef Tiffany Derry

There's some kind of fever going around with former Top Chef's!

First we learned that Andre Natera resigned from the Pyramid Restaurant in mid-October. Then we heard that Tre Wilcox is leaving Village Marquee Texas Bar and Grill. Now the Dallas Morning News reports that Tiffany Derry is leaving Private Social effective January 28, 2013. She's working on a few other developmental projects for restaurants and said she's leaving Private Social so she doesn't commit herself to too many things. ”I love openings, I love all the training and craziness and chaos of organizing it — I love the stuff that other people don’t like,” she told DMN's Leslie Brenner.

D Magazine's Nancy Nichols thinks she's leaving to make more money. Do you agree with her theory? I just adore Tiffany and wish her all the best. Let me know where you land, girlfriend!