Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reality TV stars take big screen leap with "Faith"

Cast photo from Facebook

Several local reality stars have been cast in an upcoming film set for a February 2013 release. Faith is a short film that follows the lives of six young adults whose paths cross through a central character - causing their outlook to be determined by their reaction to circumstances, thus demonstrating that sometimes, you just need to have a little faith.

The cast includes some names you might recognize, including:
Jennifer Besser, actress (Founder and CEO at Athena Pictures)
Melissa Poe, executive producer (Big Rich Texas star)
Maddie Poe, actress (Big Rich Texas star)
Donny Boaz, actor (Larry Birkhead in Lifetime's The Anna Nicole Smith Story)
Neill Skylar, actress (Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas)
Kendall Morris, (Miss Texas 2011)
Wendy Walker, executive producer (actor on Big Rich Texas )

Melissa Poe says of the experience, "I started out thinking it would be “fun” to help make a film, which it was, but ultimately it turned out to be an experience of a lifetime. I found that I actually liked being behind the camera a little more than being in front of it. It’s so rewarding to see a story on paper come to life through the actors and knowing that you helped them shape and see their role/character as you see them. I hope that people come away from watching this short film with the message that Faith is simply believing in something great than you, even if you have no tangible evidence to support it and that everything that happens in our life is for a reason….it’s up to us to have Faith that HE’s working everything out for our purpose."

"Not only was (Faith) the first production for my production company, Athena Pictures, but I also wrote, starred, and directed in it," says Jennifer Besser. "I met Melissa Poe during another project that I was working on and we became extremely close. Maddie is very talented and I'm happy to have her in my film. (Through Melissa) I also made connections with (other Big Rich Texas stars) Bon Blossman, DeAynni Hatley, and Connie Dieb. Bon is going to be in one of my other upcoming projects in the summer and one of her project ideas. And I will just hint at this - but there is going to be a project that everyone can check out coming up that will have Melissa, Connie, Bon, DeAynni, and me..... okay that's all I can say." Ah, a mystery!

The premiere event for Faith will be on February 13, 2013 from 7:30 - 9:00 PM at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. Guests are free to arrive at 6:30 PM to mingle. Tickets can be purchased at: