Monday, January 28, 2013

Season 2 of Dallas premieres tonight on TNT

Last night, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a sneak preview of the Season 2 premiere of DALLAS with members of the cast.  In attendance at the Highland Park Village Theatre screening were Brenda Strong (Ann Ewing), Josh Henderson (John Ross Ewing), Julie Gonzalo (Rebecca Sutter Ewing), Emma Bell (new to Season 2 - will play Ann Ewing's estranged daughter) and Mitch Pileggi (Harris Ryland). Both Henderson and Pileggi hail from the Dallas area so it's great to have some local boys to root for in this production!

The Patriarch of DALLAS, legendary villain Larry Hagman, had created The Larry Hagman Foundation: Evil Does Good in 2012 to promote the educational benefits of theater, visual arts, dance and music and to fund organizations providing these instructional programs for low-income children.  Hagman had wanted to do something extra to give back to the city that had contributed so much to his success over the years. As you all know, Hagman passed away this past November and in his memory, Highland Park Village owner, Ray Washburne, presented Lara Ashmore of the The Larry Hagman Foundation with a check in support of their work before the screening.

Hagman completed 6 of the 15 scheduled episodes before his death and the cast made it clear that this season will be a tribute to his memory.  Ratings are sure to soar this season as fans tune in to see how the writers will address the sudden passing of Hagman and keep the show on track. Plus, who will attend his funeral? And who will he leave his fortune to!? You can catch the new season of DALLAS on TNT tonight at 8PM!

Here are some shots from the premiere courtesy of Highland Park Village:

Ray Washburne, Producer Ken Topolsky, Kersten Rettig

Emma Bell, Julie Gonzalo, Mitch Pileggi and Brenda Strong

Joyce Goss, Producer Ken Topolsky and Barbara Buzzell