Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh So Fabulous: Gehati Jewelry

Diamond Downes
I met Diamond Downes at a Neiman Marcus event recently and was instantly smitten with her charm and style. Not to mention, I was totally coveting the ring/bracelet combo she was wearing. Turns out, it was a piece from her personal collection, Gehati.

Downes is a local designer who incorporates 3 different materials into every piece she designs for Gehati: gold, leather and semi-precious gemstones. "When you wear gold in every day life, it promotes courage and increases power," says Downes.  "Leather is symbolic to the pliability of our lives; bendable but extremely hard to break. The semi-precious stones all have their own spiritual meaning."  Her signature necklace is one that can be worn 4 ways - 5 if you count that you can wrap it around your wrist and wear it as a bracelet.

I asked about the name "Gehati" and Downes laughingly told me it didn't mean anything, she just made it up and thought it sounded cool.  I like her pieces because they are delicate, but still visually interesting. And her price points are affordable, with most of the line under $200.

To see a video interview with Downes and learn more about her story, hop over to DFW Style Daily.  Gehati's fashion accessories can be found locally at Demerara in West Village or you can shop online at Click the "Read More" link to jump for photos from Gehati.

This is a new design, not yet on the website. It's what I first noticed about Downes when we met. 
Fiona (Gunmeteal) $85  |  Agyness (Blue Topaz) Necklace ($195) 
Gianni (Labradorite) ($98)
Gehati's "Signature Wrap Necklace" comes in Black or Camel leather