Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Reality of Men and Plastic Surgery

Courtney Kerr, Dr. A and Tori Gonzales
stars of Bravo's new "Courtney Loves Dallas"
Today's woman has no problem sharing her plastic surgery experiences with the world. Botox parties are commonplace and med-spa treatments and plastic surgery experiences are shown on many TV shows as a standard form of upkeep among the celebrity set.

But did you know that last year nearly 800,000 men elected to get work done?

I recently ran into cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass, owner of Skintastic, and we were chatting about our mutual love of reality TV. He told me that he believes there is a correlation between reality TV and the uptick in men’s plastic surgery. And he should know. “Dr. A” (as he’s known) is no stranger to reality TV. Fans have watched him sculpt the faces of the ladies of Big Rich Texas over the past 3 seasons and he is set to make an appearance on Bravo’s Courtney Loves Dallas (coming this May).

According to Dr. A, a recent study from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery finds male procedures on the rise, with liposuction, eyelids, and rhinoplasty topping the surge. Yale also did a study that concluded reality TV has a huge influence on plastic surgery, and people who watched more than one reality show (on a regular basis) were three times more likely to have a procedure.  Go figure.

Matt Nordgren 
Personally, I am all about the “upkeep” whether it means going to the gym, investing in a good skin care regimen or getting a face-lift. If you can afford it, I say go for it! Another interesting fact? Dr. A told me that a notable difference in services between men and women is that men opt to get actual surgery and women prefer non-surgical, non-invasive procedures like fillers and lasers.  This really surprised me because men are usually such babies when it comes to any kind of pain.

"In the past, people would have a procedure and hide away but all that has changed," says Adelglass. “Now, people are flaunting their procedures, and reality stars are amongst the most willing to show off their “work” and discuss it freely.” He adds, “So now a man or his significant other sees a procedure on their favorite show, and then they call to make an appointment at Skintastic.”  

Reality TV star, Matt Nordren of Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas told me, “In today's day and age, I don't think that men should have anything to be afraid of when it comes to taking steps in aesthetics. I always go to Dr. A, and for the most part I partake in anything that he thinks will be beneficial. ”

Bruce Jenner is reality TV’s most famous surgery-gone-wrong example. In a 2009 episode of his realty show, stepdaughter Kim Kardashian explained that Bruce had undergone a nose job and lower facelift in the 1980s. “Unfortunately, the result wasn’t what Bruce had hoped for and for years since then he has been the victim of cruel taunts from the media. (When he turned) 60 years old, Bruce felt it was time to correct the mistakes made by the previous doctor so he went to a new doctor for a second facelift.”

So, how do you avoid a catastrophe of Jenner-like proportions? It all starts with a good experienced doctor! "After 30 years, I am very knowledgeable and skilled on the muscles and structures of human face. This experience allows me to know what what you need, where to inject, and which treatments will have the best results on each patients," says Dr. A. "Who doesn't want to look more youthful,vibrant, and alive? Nobody wants a frozen emotionless face, or the dreaded fish-lips, so my suggestion is go with an actual cosmetic surgeon who's experienced over a "SPA, or mall" location who are offering group discounts or coupons."

So, ladies don't be surprised if your guy wants an eye-lift this Valentine's Day instead of new golf clubs.

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