Thursday, April 11, 2013

Neiman Marcus hosts handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez

Neiman Marcus hosted a private party for handbag designer Nancy Gonzalez at the new Museum Tower high-rise of PR guru Barbara Buzzell.  Gonzalez breezed into town with the cooler temps but brought with her the sunny hues of her Spring/Summer Collection with her.

Gonzalez who is eponymous with vibrant color and luxurious textures has become one of the most celebrated handbag designers in the world. Known for her innovative use of precious skins and distinct color palette, her handbags have become instant classics.

Gonzalez designs are always modern, yet they are inspired by classical elements. “Nature is my best accomplice and my source of inspiration is life,” she says. “I always try to push the limits of what can be done with precious skins.  I incorporate elements into each piece that make us smile; a color, a texture, a detail, a surprise.”

You can shop Nancy Gonzalez' complete collection online or in Neiman Marcus stores nationwide.

photos:  Steve Foxall

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