Thursday, May 9, 2013

Greer Garson Gala 2013

Greer Garson Gala Captivates
by Jayne Chobot Herring

It was a beautiful evening celebrating a movie star in Cannes, complete with glamorous celebrities, paparazzi, brightly colored gowns, martinis, and a lot of cash exchanging hands. A 3D movie, sponsored by INSIGHT and Dr. Ivan Bank projected the legendary Greer Garson herself on a big screen, socialites compared designers and jewels, and the elegant voice of Jan Strimple echoed through the ballroom.

The event was actually the much anticipated annual Greer Garson Gala at the Omni Dallas, benefitting the Texas Health Presbyterian Foundation, but that doesn’t change anything about that first paragraph. Jennifer LeLash, in a black Michael Kors Collection dress and SHONA jewelry, chaired the event with her husband Chris (looking quite dapper in his tuxedo), and both held the reigns throughout the evening and were visibly pleased with the over $115,000 raised that evening. As here Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas President Britt Berrett and Texas Health Resources CEO Doug Hawthorne.

Chris & Jennifer LeLash
This year’s specific goal, aside from raising money, was to bring awareness of the event and the work that the hospital does to a new demographic of women in particular. Many of the younger patrons were introduced to Greer Garson for the first time, and came to quickly understand her passion and vision, which continue through the work of the Texas Health Presbyterian staff and Greer Garson Gala committee members.

The rest of the crowd were moved by the nostalgia of the classy affair, and appreciated the efforts made to bring Ms. Garson to life. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hunt specifically remarked that they felt like George and Martha Washington as they looked around at how the support has grown to include so many new people.

Everyone enjoyed modeling their 3D glasses, dancing to Hunter Sullivan, gambling at the casino, and betting at the silent auction. Maggie Cook Kipp, Angela Choquette, Janet Fresquez, Jennifer LeLash, myself and of course Shona Gilbert all loved wearing SHONA’s jewels, which perfectly suited the glamorous theme of the event. LeeAnne Locken kept Rich Emberlin company as he kept the blackjack table hopping, and I lent my lady luck to Chris LeLash’s craps table. For a little while anyway.

It was a beautiful event and most importantly a successful one, with a record-breaking $28,000 raised in three minutes at the fund to cause. The most moving part of the evening was undoubtedly the presentation made by Presby patient Sonya Manibusan, who sought care for breast cancer while pregnant with her daughter Faith. If there was a dry eye in the place I certainly didn’t see it. My husband, the only man at our table of beautiful women (he got lots of jealous looks), shook his head and said he was glad we were supporting this cause. It’s those moments that this event is for.

About the author: Jayne Chobot Herring

Jayne is an executive liaison from New York City who fell in love with a Texan and is now embracing everything about her new life in Dallas.  A passionate traveler, hostess, and mom to a sassy little girl, she is often over-caffeinated and always on the hunt for new & interesting. You can follow her adventures online @jayniemarie,and on her blog A Moveable Appentency.

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