Monday, May 6, 2013

Let's play a game: Real or Desperate?

Readers of this site know that I am reality TV obsessed. It's like a train wreck - you know what's coming but you just can't look away!  As we approach Mother's Day, I’m reminded of all of my favorite reality TV moms and the crazy things they do to look beautiful. Would I ever do it? Doubtful—but if I did, I would never tell! So often, these reality celebs go way too far with the plastic surgery, to the point of reeking of desperation.

I had the opportunity to chat with Dallas' favorite reality TV cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jeffery Adelglass, or as America knows him "Dr. A," to play my own version of Andy Cohen's speed game to see what the good doctor would say on the subject. The game was "Desperate or Real?" Boy, oh boy, he did not disappoint.

(L to R) Taylor Armstrong, Jill Zarin and Lisa Vanderpump

On Taylor Armstrong from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:
"Oh well, I hear her name every day. People will tell me they don't want to look like Taylor Armstrong. So I know exactly who she is. She has had so much work done it is hard to accurately say what she has had done; but she has oddly round cheeks, extremely overinflated lips, veneers, and breast implants. I definitely say more desperate than real." The verdict? DESPERATE.

On Jill Zerian from Real Housewives of New York:
"I am originally from New York so I am glad you mentioned Jill. I would say her face looks very age-appropriate and natural. I might suggest she take advantage of her natural good looks by smoothing out her forehead; she could easily look 5-7 years younger with just a little Botox." The verdict?  REAL.

On Lisa Vanderpump Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:
"Who? Oh, yes…the one with the little dog. She looks fantastic. You can tell her work has been done very well. She looks healthy, beautiful, and most importantly not overdone at all. I would say she has had Botox, natural lip fillers, and possibly a brow lift. I think it is important for women to feel beautiful from the inside out. I just like to say, 'You take care of the inside and I'll take care of the outside.' Lisa is real in my book."  The verdict? REAL.

I can't say I agree with all of Dr. A's opinions, but he did make me laugh. While I had him on the hot seat, I decided to ask him about the new season of Big Rich Texas. He said he hopes to return to the next season of Big Rich Texas because it’s a great experience, but he admits filming can be difficult with two Skintastic locations, which stay busy. Nevertheless, he really enjoys the show and the cast of ladies, some of whom are his clients.

Dr. A. also told me he is giving away microdermabrasion procedures for Mother's Day. Buy one for yourself and your mom gets one free! Just ask for the “Desperate or Real” special you read about on OSC!

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