Friday, June 21, 2013

Big Rich Texas Star Melissa Poe is Engaged!

Melissa and Doug the night of the proposal
Big Rich Texas star Melissa Poe and beau Doug Carson, are engaged!  During a romantic getaway to Charleston, South Carolina last week, Doug popped the question to a stunned Melissa on the rooftop of the beautiful Market Pavilion Hotel.

Melissa told me exclusively that they are wasting no time getting to the altar and will tie the knot in September.  The exact date will depend on the availability of venues. "I really want Doug and Maddie (her daughter) to have time to bond before she goes off to college next summer."

The pair plan to honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas. September will mark the one year anniversary of their meeting. Seems like a perfect way to spend your one year anniversary - by getting married!

Let's get to the good part, because I know you all want to know about the ring. Doug was a smart man and worked with jeweler Maggie Jalufka Sova of Bova Diamonds. The main stone is a 2.5 carat round cut brilliant cut with .5 carats of diamonds circling the white gold band. Not too shabby...

Poe's engagement ring
So, who is this man taking one of Dallas' most eligible beauties off the market? Carson is the security Director for the Westin Galleria Hotel. He is a former cop, having served on the Dallas Police Dept. for 14 years before going into private protection. Poe laughingly says, "Now I have my own real life bodyguard!" Hmmm, speaking of body guards, he does kind of look like Kevin Costner. Just sayin'.

While Poe was happy to gush about her upcoming nuptials, she clammed up on the subject of what's happening with Season 4 of BRT. What I did get out of her was that there is "no exact word yet on when Season 4 resumes, due to ongoing negotiations with new cast members." New casts members, ay. Just as I suspected...

Poe has been with BRT since the beginning - well, not the Dallas Divas and Daughters beginning, but the BRT beginning.  She is the self-proclaimed "good girl" on the show and likes to dabble in the drama but manages to never quite get right up in the middle of it. Smart girl.

I wonder if I'll get an invite to the wedding? I do love wedding cake! (hint hint Melissa!)

photos courtesy of Melissa Poe