Monday, July 15, 2013

Big Rich Texas star Whitney Whatley gives birth to Rhythm Myer Overbey

Congratulations to Big Rich Texas lovebirds, Whitney Whatley and Brandon "Booger" Overbey. They welcomed their first child into the world around 12:30 pm today. Although the family has been calling her "Baby Mayhem" on social posts for the past nine months, her given name will officially be Rhythm Myer Overbey.  Glamma Bon Blossman has already told me that if it's up to her, the baby will call her "Bon Bon".  She has jokingly said husband Jason Myer's nickname will probably be "Grumpa".  Among the first visitors to welcome Rhythm to the world of reality TV were co-stars Melissa and Maddie Poe.

“It was surreal seeing Rhythm Myer for the first time after having her to myself for nine months. I wasn't sure if I was ready to share her with the world, but she is my life and I love her more than words can express,” Whitney tells Life & Style. “I am truly excited to be a mother!”

And to answer your next question, YES. Cameras were at the hospital and the film was rolling. Fans will be able to follow Whitney on her journey from wild child to new mom on Big Rich Texas: Whitney's Having a Baby, coming this fall to Style Network.