Sunday, August 25, 2013

Solving the Mystery of THE LIST

Every month, D Magazine publishes something called THE LIST in the first few pages of their magazine. It's a feature that I always look at and I have always assumed that it is made up of people that they find to be interesting and "of the moment" for whatever reason.

It was a very pleasant surprise to open up this month's September issue and find myself on THE LIST. Not only am I on it, but I got a photo highlight - woot woot! Making  the accolade even nicer was the fact that several of my friends are also on this month's list: Yvonne Crum, Gina Miller and Holly Davis. You go, girls!

I have had a handful of friends, clients and acquaintances text or email to congratulate me. I've had to chuckle because every one of them has basically said the same thing, "Congrats on making THE LIST. What exactly does that mean anyway?"

Good question. 

I reached out to Tim Rogers, Editor for D Magazine to get the official answer.  He was very nice to send a prompt response, "The names on The List are determined with a proprietary algorithm that indicates who should be on The List. For any given issue of the magazine, any number of editors are responsible for gathering data and entering variables into the algorithm. If you study The List carefully, I believe its nature will become evident. Thank you for your interest in The List and its inner workings."

Okay, I don't really understand this answer except the part about how other people besides Tim have input into who goes on it. So I guess I will just say "thanks" to the editor who nominated me for this month's List.  I am flattered.

Maybe sometimes, it's best to leave a mystery unsolved. It keeps things interesting...  The September issue of D Magazine is now on newsstands throughout the city. Pick one up!