Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dallas Dweller: Natara Williams

Dallas is full of colorful characters. There are those you see monthly in the society pages, whose stories are legendary in this town. But, this feature is inspired by the people that I think you should know more about because of their fabulous style, interesting back-story or amazing accomplishments.  Dallas Dweller seeks to introduce you to these fabulous faces.

Meet Natara Williams

Williams in Paris, France earlier this year
Natara works as a corporate lawyer but has always been inspired by fashion, jewelry and art. In 2010, she decided to take her passion for jewelry to another level and founded Purple Aura Jewels with partner Cynthia Whiting. The name of the company comes from the fact that the color purple signifies royalty, and confident, chic women have an intangible quality that distinguishes them from everyone else.

Cynthia and Natara design and create jewelry that captures the various facets of every woman’s personality: sophisticated and elegant, yet edgy and bold. Purple Aura Jewels’ unique jewelry exudes an authentic, one-of-a-kind beauty that is for women who are innovative and appreciate jewelry as a form of art.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade in the United States, and every necklace and bracelet includes the company’s signature purple gemstone. Cynthia and Natara donate 10% of the company’s net profits to local and international charities as they desire to make a positive impact on the worldwide community.

"We just released our new Stellar collection and are already working on our next collection. We’ll be incorporating some new techniques in the next collection as our designs evolve," says Williams. "However, our aesthetic will remain the same since some of the best feedback we’ve received and love to hear is that you know a Purple Aura Jewels piece when you see it so we will retain our uniqueness. Our jewelry is wearable art and we like to inspire women who wear our jewelry to challenge fashion notions and be individualistic."

Rapid Fire Q&A with Natara Williams

Whiting and Williams of Purple Aura Jewels
When you need some "me" time to relax, where do you go or what do you do to relax and recharge?
I try to take the time to relax at the spa at Hotel Zaza and then have a glass of wine and/or cocktails at the Dragonfly afterwards. It’s the perfect way to ensure you’ll have an amazing night of sleep!

What are your favorite restaurants? 
Oak and Steel Restaurant

Give me 3 words that you would use to describe yourself.
Open minded/nonjudgmental, diplomatic, free spirit

Now give me 3 words that you feel other people would use to describe you. These can be the same as the previous question, but they usually aren't and that's the fun of the question! 
"Type A” is definitely one word other people may use to describe me. I like to consider myself the master of organized creativity but in reality my corporate background sometimes makes me a bit intense.

What are your favorite places to shop? 
Swag Boutique is a jewelry designer’s dream and we look forward to the day we can have our jewelry there. Stanley Korshak for us is like the “mothership” since it has all the best and latest fashion in one place. Elements boutique has a nice variety as well.

What do you think makes Dallas such a great place to live, work and raise a family? 
Dallas like the rest of Texas is a great place to live from a cost of living perspective. However, it has found a way to be a major city with a great fashion scene and sense of style while still retaining its Southern charm.

Tell me something about you that most people don't know. 
My parents call me Lotus Blossom or Lotus and I have a Lotus flower tattoo. The reason they call me Lotus is a cute story, which will remain untold for now!

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